Fertilizantes Plantanense

Plantanense Fertilizers

Technology coupled with the most stringent quality control. That's how Plantanense Fertilizers are produced. Each formula is made with high quality raw materials, resulting in a balanced composition, with granulation homogeneous and high effect in the process of soil fertility and crop nutrition, without interfering with the regulation of fertilizing machine. 

Trustworthiness and Seriousness in everything that proposes.

Plantanense Fertilizers formulations are composed of raw materials of excellent quality, derived from domestic and export markets – Russia, USA, Canada, Israel and the Netherlands – resulting in well-formed beads and homogeneity of nutrients, key aspects that guarantee an efficient distribution of the product, without interfering with the regulation of the planters.
Aiming to ensure the best cost / benefit to the producer, all fertilizers are packed in Plantanense sacks and big bags, extremely durable and appropriate to maintain its quality until the time of application. The Plantanense offers over 100 formulas duly registered with the Ministry of Agriculture.
The result of such care and dedication is reflected in the permanent satisfaction of our clients who find on our products and services respect and seriousness to the work and the land that grows food for our people.



Plantanense has over 100 outlets points of sell of its own products, ensuring the expansion of the mark over the country. Read more...



With modern units for grain receiving, Plantanense operates in reception and marketing of the product, and three of its subsidiaries have infrastructure and capacity for reception, standardization, segregation and storage of soybeans, corn and wheat. Read more...


sementes02 Plantanense produces and sells seeds, which are acquired from partner companies. These seeds are treated, making them more profitable, with the use of treatment technologies. Read more...