Welcome to Plantanense

Here you will know more about the company,
its history, the products and much more.

For over 20 years Plantanense has been consolidating itself in the market, with plenty of work and dedication. It’s with a great professionalism that the company has expanded its horizons, acting in other areas and signing new partnerships with several companies.

Environmental commitment

The nature needs our forces

Plantanense believes in the environmental preservation and in a better future, and so created the Força Verde project: An ecological journey that each year brings a theme, always involving environment and sustainability. Read more…

Plantanense Fertilizers

Fertile ground where it passes

Big responsible for expanding the mark throughout the country, Plantanense Fertilizers has as commitment the quality, which starts with great raw materials and technology.

Plantanense Fertilizers are well formulated and granulated, always assuring good conditions for planting. Who buys Plantanense Fertilizers, buys with the safety of bringing to the crop a product of quality, which follows the formula set out in legislation and ensures an optimal productivity. Read more…



Plantanense has over 100 outlets points of sell of its own products, ensuring the expansion of the mark over the country. Read more...



With modern units for grain receiving, Plantanense operates in reception and marketing of the product, and three of its subsidiaries have infrastructure and capacity for reception, standardization, segregation and storage of soybeans, corn and wheat. Read more...


sementes02 Plantanense produces and sells seeds, which are acquired from partner companies. These seeds are treated, making them more profitable, with the use of treatment technologies. Read more...