Help Brazil to cultivate its future.

This is how 20 years ago Plantanense started its career.

A dream that started to take shape in 1987, on a small resale of agricultural inputs in the state of Santa Catarina, Campo Erê city, a region nationally famous as one of the best areas for cultivation and grain storage.

In 1992, an important step marks Plantanense’s history, which starts to produce seeds and establishes a fertilizer plant in Paranaguá, state of Paraná.

With hard work and dedication, Plantanense steady growth in the market, starting to act in the segment of buying and selling grain, inaugurating, in 1994, its first branch in the city of Francisco Beltrão, state of Paraná, with a storage capacity of 10000 tons of cereals.

The recognition and obstinacy of the company to expand its borders leaded to open two new branches. One in the city of Palma Sola, state of Santa Catarina, in 2001 and another in the region of Rondonopolis, state of Mato Grosso, in 2005.

This is the story of Plantanense, and agribusiness company focused on work, innovation and respect to each of its customers and employees. A story that motivates us to go even further by and to the development of agriculture and to the Brazil’s growth.




Plantanense has over 100 outlets points of sell of its own products, ensuring the expansion of the mark over the country. Read more...



With modern units for grain receiving, Plantanense operates in reception and marketing of the product, and three of its subsidiaries have infrastructure and capacity for reception, standardization, segregation and storage of soybeans, corn and wheat. Read more...


sementes02 Plantanense produces and sells seeds, which are acquired from partner companies. These seeds are treated, making them more profitable, with the use of treatment technologies. Read more...