To produce and to market high quality products related to agribusiness, seeking leadership with eyes fixed on the full satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders.



Being recognized as a benchmark company in dealing with the chain of agribusiness and as consequence, the food production, eternally indispensable for human consumption.



People: Recognizing them as essential to business success.

Customers: We are committed to provide products that generate profits for our clients, with patience and vision to create an enduring business.

Ethics: Practices in accordance with the law and moral principles, so that this leads us to take our word as our guarantee.

Earnings: Return on shareholders’ investments, ensuring growth and creating opportunities for individuals and for our business.

Excellence: We improve processes, technology and management to the point of becoming better at everything we do.

Competition: Fuel needed to win in an open and honest market.



Plantanense has over 100 outlets points of sell of its own products, ensuring the expansion of the mark over the country. Read more...



With modern units for grain receiving, Plantanense operates in reception and marketing of the product, and three of its subsidiaries have infrastructure and capacity for reception, standardization, segregation and storage of soybeans, corn and wheat. Read more...


sementes02 Plantanense produces and sells seeds, which are acquired from partner companies. These seeds are treated, making them more profitable, with the use of treatment technologies. Read more...